Unlocking Global Insights: The 7th International Management, Economics, and Finance Conference in Copenhagen

Are you ready to embark on an academic journey like no other? The 7th International Conference on Management, Economics, and Finance (ICMEF) is your ticket to a world of knowledge, networking, and innovative ideas. Join us from November 3rd to November 5th, 2023, in the enchanting city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

A Premier Academic Event

ICMEF isn’t just any conference; it’s the #1 International Management Conference for senior-level management scholars and professionals. It’s where scholars, researchers, scientists, and academics from around the world gather to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn from the best in the field.

This three-day event promises to be an immersive experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professor or a student exploring the world of management, ICMEF has something exceptional to offer. Our conference is designed to cater to various themes and topics within the management field, covering areas like human resources management, project management, tourism management, and knowledge management.

When you attend the International Management Conference 2023, you’re not just a passive participant; you’re an active learner. You’ll leave with a notebook brimming with ideas and strategies that will ignite transformative changes in your future research projects and professional activities.

Unlocking International Research Opportunities

ICMEF is more than just a conference; it’s a platform that opens doors to international research opportunities. We invite you to explore topics that pique your interest and submit your research. Our Scientific Committee will evaluate all submissions, and we welcome original and previously unpublished research results, regardless of the type of research paper you’re presenting.

Our wide range of conference topics includes areas like Advertising Management, Risk Management, and Financial Management, to name a few. Moreover, we’re open to considering papers related to Business, Economics, and Finance. If your work aligns with these areas, ICMEF is the perfect platform to share your findings and connect with like-minded professionals.

Save the Dates

Mark your calendar with these crucial dates to ensure you don’t miss out on ICMEF Conference 2023:

  • October 13, 2023: Paper Submission
  • October 24, 2023: Registration Deadline
  • November 3-5, 2023: Conference Dates

Delve into Our Conference History

For a glimpse of what to expect, explore our conference history. Discover how ICMEF has evolved over the years, gaining recognition as a premier academic event in the management field.

Join Us in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, is not just a host city; it’s an experience in itself. The city’s vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage offer the perfect backdrop for a conference that’s all about growth and innovation.

Don’t miss the International Management Conference 2023 in beautiful Copenhagen. It’s not just a conference; it’s a transformative journey into the world of management, economics, and finance. This dynamic event propels your research journey forward.

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Join us at ICMEF 2023 and be prepared to elevate your knowledge, forge valuable connections, and contribute to the advancement of management, economics, and finance. We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen this November.

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