Exploring the 7th International Conference on Research in Management

Welcome to the 7th International Conference on Research in Management (ICRMANAGEMENT), returning in 2024 to the enchanting city of Zurich, Switzerland, from July 5 to 7.

An Academic Conference on Management

Join us to explore the latest trends in quality management, discover groundbreaking research in behavioral sciences in business management, and delve into the future of marketing management. Our expert panel of speakers will comprehensively address these questions and more at the international conference on management in 2024.

Important Dates:

  • June 14, 2024: Paper Submission Deadline
  • December 20, 2023: Early Bird Registration Deadline
  • March 25, 2024: Early Registration Deadline
  • June 25, 2024: Late Registration Deadline
  • July 05-07, 2024: Conference Dates

International Conference on Management Themes and Topics

The conference enthusiastically welcomes submissions related to Management, Economics, Business, and Finance. Additionally, we genuinely consider other related tracks and topics. All abstracts submitted undergo rigorous evaluation by the Scientific Committee. We strongly encourage original and previously unpublished research.

Why Choose Our International Conference on Management?

  • Apply to Speak: You’ll have the opportunity to present your research to a diverse and vibrant community of academics, students, and researchers. Notably, early submission is encouraged due to limited presentation slots.
  • Present Your Poster: Furthermore, you can showcase your work through posters.
  • Virtual Presentation: For those who can’t attend in person, you’re welcome to apply for a virtual presentation.
  • Publish Your Paper: Take full advantage of our platform to publish your research paper.
  • Network With Peers: Engage meaningfully with thought leaders, influencers, students, and academics from around the world.

Why Zurich?

Experience this world-class conference in the captivating city of Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich isn’t merely the official home of Oktoberfest and traditional Bavarian culture; it’s also a thriving hub for art, science, technology, finance, culture, and innovation. Furthermore, it’s renowned for its high quality of life, prestigious universities, scientific institutions, and international centers for engineering and research.

Join us in Zurich for the 7th International Conference on Research in Management. Here, you can comprehensively explore diverse topics, meaningfully connect with experts, and actively participate in a global academic community.

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