Empowering Renewable Energy: The 3rd International Conference in Vienna

Are you passionate about the future of renewable energy and power innovations? The Power and Energy Conference 2024 in Vienna, Austria, on June 21-22, is a pivotal event that you shouldn’t miss. This conference unites global experts and enthusiasts, making it a platform for knowledge exchange and networking like no other.

Explore Global Trends

The event attracts attendees from across the globe, fostering discussions on diverse energy topics. Present your research findings, receive feedback, and get your work published in renowned academic journals. It’s an incredible opportunity to explore research collaborations, especially if you’re an aspiring researcher or academic.

For Listeners and Collaborators

You don’t need a paper for presentation to attend this event. Becoming a listener can inspire your future projects, while the insights gained might lead you to potential collaborators. Mark the dates and immerse yourself in this prestigious academic conference. The 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Renewable Energy and Power promises to be an enriching experience that can reshape the future of sustainable energy.

A Diverse Audience

The conference caters to a broad audience, including scientists, industrialists, professors, researchers, and students in the renewable energy sector. Government and non-profit representatives, along with research institutions, make this event even more diverse, stimulating insightful discussions and promoting meaningful changes.

Mastering Oral Presentations

Oral presentations play a crucial role in conveying your research. Slides are tools to emphasize your points, but reading from them detracts from engaging the audience. Keep your presentations interactive and engaging. Posters should be designed for quick comprehension as attendees often have limited time. With the top-notch venue at Hotel Regina, Vienna, Austria, this conference ensures your participation in meaningful cross-border learning.

Contribute to the Future

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Join the discussions and contribute to the rapidly evolving renewable energy sector. The 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Renewable Energy and Power is a unique opportunity to grow in your field. Submissions undergo double-blind peer reviews, guaranteeing quality, relevance, and authenticity. There’s no better place to showcase your expertise.

Diverse Publication Opportunities

The conference offers publication opportunities for accepted abstracts in Conference Proceedings with an ISBN number. Full papers may undergo double-blind reviews and get published electronically with a DOI number. A strict anti-plagiarism policy is in place, enhancing the conference’s academic integrity. It aligns with prestigious indexing databases for maximum visibility.

Immerse in Vienna’s Culture

Engage in cross-border learning and network with peers from around the world. Create lasting connections and take part in an inspiring one-day city tour, provided free of charge. Vienna, with its rich history, offers a cultural experience that’s not to be missed.

Join the Movement

Connect with your peers and embark on a journey of cross-border learning at the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Renewable Energy and Power. The conference registration includes access to scientific sessions, conference materials, a Welcome Reception, exhibition, poster viewing, and refreshments. Join us and contribute to the global renewable energy movement.

Mark Your Calendar

If you’re passionate about renewable energy, the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Renewable Energy and Power is where you belong. Mark your calendars for June 21-22, 2024, in Vienna, Austria, and be part of the renewable energy revolution.

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